back to the days.

I had an awesome time last week. I did so much more than I thought, finished off a video and did a big scale outdoor shoot then had time to catch a show – Whence he came Reunion 2012. I started listening WHC since 1999 when I could call myself teenage, and now I am getting close to the big three O in few years time. Argh, there are so many things that I still want to do and haven’t done, for example, picking up my guitar and start playing again. So I better get back to my to-do-list before it is too late?!

Btw, here are some photos that I took from the show. Enjoy and have an awesome week, folks!


Happy Chinese Valentine’s day


Stay Happy to all the Lovebirds:)

One of my favorite couples – Jenifer Skidmore & Takuya Shima.

Wisely and Slow by Buddhistson

“this cold rain soon will be turning into white snow / it will cover this quiet little town / this cozy little town / if I try to take back time / though nothing will change your mind / there will be a man who’s same as me / because it’s always me and you / too far to touch your hands / still running down a windy road / too far to touch your face / still running to a rainy coast / still I never know what I could do for you / I don’t know what I could do for you / this cold rain soon will be turning into white snow / it will cover this quiet little town / this cozy little town”

Photos were taken at kashiwa-shi chiba japan.

Schole Records

Schole INC. is an independent record label based in Tokyo, Japan, started and is still managed by Akira Kosemura and Shin Kikuchi. The label coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing and promotion, also the rights management and operation. Thus far, there are already 13 artists under the label. Schole, the name of the label comes from ancient Greek and means “spare moment.” The word “Schole” also indicates a fertile creativeness which everyone is able to develop independently in their free time.

In 2010 Christmas, I collaborated a short film with the Schole Inc., for a project called Nikon D7000, sponsored by Nikon Asia. Akira Kosemura, was the music composer of the short film. It was definitely a privilege working with ScholeINC.,  the endless support given by them.

And now Akira Kosemura’s remix song appears in “espacio e.p” produced as the privilege CD for the debut album “dream line” of Yoshinori Takezawa. Dreamline is going to released on the Jan17 . I just listened the web CM of Dreamline and can’t wait to get the “Dreamline” on my hands.

Happy Weekend Everyone & Stay warm!