and a kind reminder from Warhol.

“You can never predict what little things in the way somebody looks or talks or acts will set off peculiar emotional reactions in other people.” 

– Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol



A showcase of international artist Choi Jeong Hwa’s work are now exhibited in K11, featuring three large scale art: Including Love me!, Sweet, Sweet, and Life, Life. Choi’s works are inspired by everyday life, and he likes to makes oversized objects from moulded plastics.

Love me! It is in the form of shocking pink pig with wings, its height is 5 meters tall, plus it inflates and deflates! “It’s alive!” The slow breathing pattern of the pig is symbolized as eternal of life and death.


Whereas Sweet Sweet is a tree made from silicon copies of Korean sweets, this piece is about temptation, because sweets are made to look attractive, perhaps all sugar is very bad for health; and Life Life, which is my favorite. It has whole alots of balloons, and then the public can choose to add theirs to the installation. I love it because it reminds me what it felt like to be a child! Being free & playful!

lovesweetlife_01b lovesweetlife_03

ATT – Something different

We like things to be different, and we like things being made unique. If that is you, ATT, a gosh darn cool brand, might be your answer.

ATT garments are all handmade. They play with strings and fabric with delicious vintage stylings. And last week there was a spinning over ATT – Nicola Formichetti, widely known as the creative director for the French fashion house Mugler, and also the fashion stylist for Lady Gaga, found his latest exceptional sweater from ATT!

att_04   att_01

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ATT, are founded by two designers, Kin Chan & Lennon Chung.
Address: Flat G 2F,Po Ming Bldg,2 Foo Ming St,Causeway Bay,Hong Kong

Goal! The Dream Begins.

So what would you like to achieve? Finish a book? Grow a tomato plant? Maybe just stop procrastinating and finish the things on hands, so going to bed at a reasonable hour? [ YES ! ] The list goes on …  Then I stumbled upon esty and then I found “I Will Achieve MY Goals Clipboard”, by designer Maiko Kuzunshi. The clipboard looks dandy, and I like the big bold Wooden Caps letters! Now I would love to get one for self help – Stop procrastinating! Focus Focus & Focus.

back to the days.

I had an awesome time last week. I did so much more than I thought, finished off a video and did a big scale outdoor shoot then had time to catch a show – Whence he came Reunion 2012. I started listening WHC since 1999 when I could call myself teenage, and now I am getting close to the big three O in few years time. Argh, there are so many things that I still want to do and haven’t done, for example, picking up my guitar and start playing again. So I better get back to my to-do-list before it is too late?!

Btw, here are some photos that I took from the show. Enjoy and have an awesome week, folks!