ATT – Something different

We like things to be different, and we like things being made unique. If that is you, ATT, a gosh darn cool brand, might be your answer.

ATT garments are all handmade. They play with strings and fabric with delicious vintage stylings. And last week there was a spinning over ATT – Nicola Formichetti, widely known as the creative director for the French fashion house Mugler, and also the fashion stylist for Lady Gaga, found his latest exceptional sweater from ATT!

att_04   att_01

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ATT, are founded by two designers, Kin Chan & Lennon Chung.
Address: Flat G 2F,Po Ming Bldg,2 Foo Ming St,Causeway Bay,Hong Kong


Happy Chinese Valentine’s day


Stay Happy to all the Lovebirds:)

One of my favorite couples – Jenifer Skidmore & Takuya Shima.

Wisely and Slow by Buddhistson

“this cold rain soon will be turning into white snow / it will cover this quiet little town / this cozy little town / if I try to take back time / though nothing will change your mind / there will be a man who’s same as me / because it’s always me and you / too far to touch your hands / still running down a windy road / too far to touch your face / still running to a rainy coast / still I never know what I could do for you / I don’t know what I could do for you / this cold rain soon will be turning into white snow / it will cover this quiet little town / this cozy little town”

Photos were taken at kashiwa-shi chiba japan.

iPhone Cases

I’ve tried several different cases for my super iPhone4 and the latest one is HelloKitty, the bulky red one. Yes, I hear you; It’s so not me, perhaps it supposed to be a joke. To put on something that was so not me. Well, for the first month, I was pretty cool with the bulky red kitty. Perhaps as days passed by, I started to feeling not right to carry it around, it’s really SO NOT ME…

And this morning, I came across Elasty, a mobile phone cover designed by Yoori Koo. It’s a silicone bumper fitted with elastic strips which allow you to tuck in bills, pens, headphone or even credit cards on the back of iphone4.  Koo’s inspiration is pretty straight forward as with using rubber bands to bundle everything together, he got a place as silver winner of the 2011 Belkin Design competition 🙂 You reckon Elasty will be “so me” ?

Also I  had a blissful time with ZO-EE & Heaven Please yesterday, talking about upcoming project and I go EXCITED 🙂 It’s so good to have them in my life being so supportive!



“The show must go on”

My dear friend, Frankie Piper, founder of Visual vom, came to Hong Kong last Saturday and had a splendid time wondering around. One of the favorite boutiques was DayDream Nation, Daydream Nation is a Fashion Arts House founded in 2006, by brother and sister design duo Jing and Kay Wong. alongside their own collection of clothing and accessories, also showcasing local artists, indie bands, and running creative programs.

And here comes – Karen, Tsi Kwan Lau & Gabriel Leung photographers for DayDream Nation 2012 SS12 – “The show must go on”. Lau & Leung were born in Hong Kong; Lau studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design, while Leung finished his undergraduate Temple University. and he is currently lives and works in Glasgow, UK at the same time a Master of Fine Arts candidate at the Glasgow School of Art. The theme “The Show must go on” explains as “The End of the world is near, some people choose to procrastinate, some people choose to steal and break. Some people though, decided that the SHOW MUST GO ON!”. I terribly love the theme of it, and when I was flipping through the SS12 catalog, I couldn’t resist to take one home and Frankie, of cause, took one as well. We both love the colors and the style that they did. It is not just a fashion catalog, it is a storybook, each image has so much to tell.  And now I so want to have my own “the show must go on”.

Swing by @ DayDream sometimes, here is the address: Wing Fung Street, Wanchai, HK +852 28176313

Heaven please, my latest choice!

So it’s already 11 Jan, and in 2 weeks time, it will be Chinese New Year! I am SO looking forward to it because I will have ONE week off, just Brilliant!  I am so gonna focus on my side project, which will be launched in early Feb, so stay tune for the excitement, well at least for me.

Well, as you see, the heading of this post “HEAVEN PLEASE“, yes, it is my latest choice.  Heaven Please is a contemporary store, founded by fashion editor Venus Mote and designer Lary Cheung. The store is located at Causeway Bay stocking designers from Europe, Korean and of cause Hong Kong local brands. As you walk into the store, you can see a wide selection of clothing and accessories that they inject in the store. I go happy whenever I get there, because everytime I go, I have surprises, like the theme they choose, the color palette they go for, the look they are after. And this time, I even got dress up by Venus, thank you for the time & photo, it was really fun and enjoyable 🙂

HeavenPlease is @ 2B, Po Foo Building, No. 1, Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay. +852 2311 9533.


Everyday, Everynight – Everyway Russian Red

Russian Red, the stage name of Lourdes Hernández, surely has been circulated in youtube ever since her show on Tuesday in Hong Kong. It was a pleasure that I got to meet Red in person, she is humble, talkative and of coz beautiful. One of the best artists I have ever met in my life, the other one I always remember that is Wayne Coyne from the flaming lips. Red has a wonderful voice, that is for sure, she is also a fab-tantic performer, she draws everyone attention when she is on the stage, and love the arrangements on each song, even better than the CD. Here is another video that I took on the weekend. Enjoy 🙂

Oh yea, would love to say a big Thank you to Miguel, the tour manager,  you are awesome!


The weather hasn’t been nice in HK, been raining and so whenever I go, just WET… erh not a good feeling at all…

This Sunday I was planning to visit some friends @ Tai Ping Shan street, Sheung Wan then turning into a shopping Sunday. First stop was konzepp , i got my baggubag at there. Then followed by Loveramics – to get my sockies shoes by collegien, bang bang!!  It was really tough to say NO… so I got a pair… Well, yes, at that point, I hadn’t met my friends still, which means I wasnt @ Tai Ping Shan Street yet. By the time, I reached to Tai Ping Shan Street, my friends were “waiting”, actually shopping indeed…where I also got my last item by creature de kei . I love every single thing I got perhaps I feel a bit guilty … oh well.

Comfortable and fashionable slipper socks with an ergonomic sole.

Comfortable and fashionable slipper socks with an ergonomic sole.

 a baggu bag

this is my favorite by creature de keis

listening: Euphoria – silence in everywhere