Photographic Dairy – #009

Photographic Dairy – #009
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.


When one hurts, WE all hurt – Japan, one year after the Earthquake

Japan marks 1 year since quake, tsunami disaster. Everyone remembers the massive earthquake, unleashing the world’s worst nuclear crisis in a recent history and it was devastating. The Japanese people are devoted to rebuild the nation and the area around Fukushima nuclear plant so that the country will be “reborn”. Let’s not forget March 11, let’s keep praying for Japan.

Here are some photos that I took a week before the Earthquake.

Love Letters of Great Men by John C. Kirkland

“Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours”

So 14th Feb is the day, it might be for you to show “LOVE”.

As for me, I went to J.F Floral Couture to do product shoot. It was so wonderful to be around with a lots of flowers, the smell & the colors, I just loved it. So Boys & Girls, if you haven’t made an order, you definitely need to , it would be one of the best choices in your life 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day everyone, stay warm and show “LOVE”.

Schole Records

Schole INC. is an independent record label based in Tokyo, Japan, started and is still managed by Akira Kosemura and Shin Kikuchi. The label coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing and promotion, also the rights management and operation. Thus far, there are already 13 artists under the label. Schole, the name of the label comes from ancient Greek and means “spare moment.” The word “Schole” also indicates a fertile creativeness which everyone is able to develop independently in their free time.

In 2010 Christmas, I collaborated a short film with the Schole Inc., for a project called Nikon D7000, sponsored by Nikon Asia. Akira Kosemura, was the music composer of the short film. It was definitely a privilege working with ScholeINC.,  the endless support given by them.

And now Akira Kosemura’s remix song appears in “espacio e.p” produced as the privilege CD for the debut album “dream line” of Yoshinori Takezawa. Dreamline is going to released on the Jan17 . I just listened the web CM of Dreamline and can’t wait to get the “Dreamline” on my hands.

Happy Weekend Everyone & Stay warm!

Everyday, Everynight – Everyway Russian Red

Russian Red, the stage name of Lourdes Hernández, surely has been circulated in youtube ever since her show on Tuesday in Hong Kong. It was a pleasure that I got to meet Red in person, she is humble, talkative and of coz beautiful. One of the best artists I have ever met in my life, the other one I always remember that is Wayne Coyne from the flaming lips. Red has a wonderful voice, that is for sure, she is also a fab-tantic performer, she draws everyone attention when she is on the stage, and love the arrangements on each song, even better than the CD. Here is another video that I took on the weekend. Enjoy 🙂

Oh yea, would love to say a big Thank you to Miguel, the tour manager,  you are awesome!