A showcase of international artist Choi Jeong Hwa’s work are now exhibited in K11, featuring three large scale art: Including Love me!, Sweet, Sweet, and Life, Life. Choi’s works are inspired by everyday life, and he likes to makes oversized objects from moulded plastics.

Love me! It is in the form of shocking pink pig with wings, its height is 5 meters tall, plus it inflates and deflates! “It’s alive!” The slow breathing pattern of the pig is symbolized as eternal of life and death.


Whereas Sweet Sweet is a tree made from silicon copies of Korean sweets, this piece is about temptation, because sweets are made to look attractive, perhaps all sugar is very bad for health; and Life Life, which is my favorite. It has whole alots of balloons, and then the public can choose to add theirs to the installation. I love it because it reminds me what it felt like to be a child! Being free & playful!

lovesweetlife_01b lovesweetlife_03