Goal! The Dream Begins.

So what would you like to achieve? Finish a book? Grow a tomato plant? Maybe just stop procrastinating and finish the things on hands, so going to bed at a reasonable hour? [ YES ! ] The list goes on …  Then I stumbled upon esty and then I found “I Will Achieve MY Goals Clipboard”, by designer Maiko Kuzunshi. The clipboard looks dandy, and I like the big bold Wooden Caps letters! Now I would love to get one for self help – Stop procrastinating! Focus Focus & Focus.


Jamie Beck Cinematic Gifs are so inspring!

I am addicted to animated gifs! What is an animated gif? An animated GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) file is a graphic image on a Web page that is composed of many different images on top of each other. Then Working together to create a movement. And recently I found a NYC based photographer – Jamie Beck – who creates beautiful cinematic gifs, give you a bit of taste between film & reality and back to the days without FLASH. Definite to look up Jamie’s blog – http://fromme-toyou.tumblr.com ; with a good vintage design, showing old cameras, fashion & street art, also a taste of french at there.

So if you are fancy of making a GIF and don’t know how : here is an app called 3frames and is real COOL, is just too fun to look at animated images putting together!!! Have I mentioned one thing?! “It’s FREE” !!! Go to app store, and do download it now people: http://3fram.es/

Happy Weekend 🙂