Life goes on without Cars in Vauban

The Lunar New Year begins tomorrow and marks the start of the Year of the Dragon. This year I am so blessed that I have a week off work, including the weekends, totally have 9 days off. Woohoo! And today I spent all day cleaning up and got some flowers from the market to decorate home. So I was cleaning up, looking through images as usual, and there was a handwritten note, actually it was a wishing list, a wish list of places I needed / wanted to go. One of them is Vauban, Germany.

Vauban, which is located in the southwestern, town center in Freiburg, of Germany. It is a city of Green, people walk and cycle in their way through day-to-day life, and houses are built to low energy consumption standard. The Green Urban living is a great deal that I want to experience, it will be real nice cycling around the town, walking down the roads without shoes on, and the very thing I want to do that is lying on the green grassland, argh!!! I have been back to Hong Kong more than 4 years, I hardly find time to do so… I can’t wait to be there, and I cant wait to get my feet in land of Deutsche.


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