Heaven please, my latest choice!

So it’s already 11 Jan, and in 2 weeks time, it will be Chinese New Year! I am SO looking forward to it because I will have ONE week off, just Brilliant!  I am so gonna focus on my side project, which will be launched in early Feb, so stay tune for the excitement, well at least for me.

Well, as you see, the heading of this post “HEAVEN PLEASE“, yes, it is my latest choice.  Heaven Please is a contemporary store, founded by fashion editor Venus Mote and designer Lary Cheung. The store is located at Causeway Bay stocking designers from Europe, Korean and of cause Hong Kong local brands. As you walk into the store, you can see a wide selection of clothing and accessories that they inject in the store. I go happy whenever I get there, because everytime I go, I have surprises, like the theme they choose, the color palette they go for, the look they are after. And this time, I even got dress up by Venus, thank you for the time & photo, it was really fun and enjoyable 🙂

HeavenPlease is @ 2B, Po Foo Building, No. 1, Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay. +852 2311 9533.



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