8 days in China, Across 5 cities, 4 souls with 1 purpose – Akira Kosemura 2011 Summer Tour

I finally set my feet back to Hong Kong, and I was very glad to see my bed. Traveling 5 cities within 8 days was definitely a bit of heavy for  Akira Kosemura , Shin Kikuchi  & me. However, we were so glad that we had Yang Meng Meng as the tour manager from SoundsGreat;  Meng provided the best venues & well organized with time and made sure we had the best time in China,  plus she was also a problem solver! I once nearly couldn’t get my flight from Hangzhou to Shenzhen because some stupid misleading information… oh well…

For me, this is my first time to tour as a photographer, I was very excited also one of my teenage dreams finally happened. I felt great to traveling with the Three. Hangzhou is my favorite place, it is a clean city compares to other parts of China. Xixi National Wetland Park + WestLake were incredible; I felt the calmness as I walked, I felt the unlimited as I sea.

This tour was my refreshment, I needed inspirations, I needed time to think through “things”. “Life without limits” was my choice of reading for this trip, which I was glad to bring it with me. Thanks Nick Vujicic to write this wonderful book. His life shows me impossible is nothing. Even without arms and legs, Nick is living his life to the ultimate! He has all my respect! I encourage you to get his book or check out this site : www.attitudeisaltitude.com/

I am in the time of searching : searching for a path that lies secreted within oneself. and I sent a prayer above.

And for now, I am back to the selection of photos, of which sending to the press…






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