Saturday Night, Sunday Morning.

We, COFA kids went to have Italian Antipasto @ Soho, Central to celebrate Mandy Wong & Franco Yim birthday dinner. The food were quite nice but slightly expensive… oh well, as long as the birthday kids felt happy and it was so good to see all the people together, felt like the old days in OZ… Also a good time to test my new russian lens helios 50mm f2, which I bought in a really good price from Perth and this lens is very rare to find on the internet so this gives me a pleasant feeling.

Plus, I am so glad to bring the camera out tonight because on our way home, we found this amazing person, who can only uses his forearm to create “art”. The weather is so hot tonight, this man was full of sweats when he was making the flower. He reminds me that …People tend to forget what we have, we always ask for more… more than “enough” …  You will  know what I say “amazing” when you see the video below.  Before, you go “Oh This kind of act is just a treat from the bad Chinese” Oh well, I don’t care… What I saw that was real. I appreciate the effort that this man has ever done. Days & Nights just repeating the same step… again & again… still carry on. Life is never easy…

all we need that’s “determination” – ain’t a saying, is an ACTION.


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